Land of Lakes Pole Dance Festival & the Minnesota Pole Competitions

See you this weekend!

We invite you to join us for a full weekend of workshops, seminars, vendors, and performances! 

ALL admission passes now available at the door ONLY!

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LOLPoleFest Schedule

Make the most of your time at the event! January 17-19, 2020 Park Square Theatre ~ Boss Thrust Stage ~ Saint Paul, MN


Pole Empowerment Camp

Pole and Performing Art

PPA is an event production company like no other. Never experience a dull show at a Pole and Performing Art event! We organize festivals, conventions, workshops, shows, and camps of our own and invite you to be a part of the action. We also organize private event details such as special effects, performances, lighting, and more with our professional event services division, Event Creations.  Click here to book with us today --> here 


Our mission: 

•  Increasing public awareness of the accessibility, artistry, and athleticism involved in pole dance and the performing arts.

•  Supporting the entire pole dance and performing art community including performers, students, studios, instructors, local businesses, event production companies, photographers, and videographers.

• Providing an opportunity for ongoing exploration of the definition of beauty, athleticism, and professionalism for the performing arts.

We invite you to check out one of our events! We would love to have you there:

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Pole and Performing Art

about us

Pole and Performing Art (PPA) has pioneered and opened unique opportunities for many performers and artists through performance shows, events, retreats, workshops, and more.

PPA has provided the expansion and growth of platforms for current performers, artists, and students. 

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