3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Pole Spins

Hi I am Myss Angie from The Polefit Method,  and today I am going to share with you how you can improve your pole spins with three easy tips. Not using these strategies will almost always result in sore wrists, reduced rotation on spins, and the inability to create smooth transitions.  

So let’s jump right in!


Here is where one problem I see, the spin looks uncontrolled and takes a lot of energy to execute. For example. If your hand is too low, its in an over grip, to causes you to not get enough rotation on a spin, or sets you off balance. 

  1. Do not over grip or use the death grip, allow fingers to be active but not at 100%. Use the palm. I have a free grip strength video that will help you! Check it out HERE
  2. Grab high and engage the arm from the lat muscles under the scapula, relax the upper trapezius. Engage the core.
  3. Keep hips wide and feet in close to base to create balance for movement

Recap: Grip, Engage, + Balance

If you are struggling with this or want more tips message me so we can set up a conversation! hello@myssangie.com

You can also get a free 15-minute grip strength workout video, check it out on the courses site HERE