Full Moon Body Transformation + Cleanse

trans·for·ma·tion: a metamorphosis, a shift in consciousness or perception. Renewal. An awakening into new possibility. A rebirth.


We have so much untapped potential. Our clarity, joy, and purpose are intrinsically linked to our capacity to experience vibrant health.

Join us for our 30 day Full Moon Body Transformation! We’ll flood our bodies with whole food superfoods grown in regenerative soils. We’re only as healthy as our soils are (1).

Due to modern agriculture practices our soils have become sterile and depleted (2).

This stops us from absorbing our essential amino acids (the building blocks of life), minerals and nutrients (3).

Within three days of taking my superfoods my cravings for sugars and breads disappeared, and my food consumption decreased by 2/3 because I felt so nourished. I was no longer looking in the fridge feeling “full yet unsatisfied,” or feeling as though I was missing something in my diet.

This program combines the principles of regenerative health through an alkaline lifestyle, with regenerative agriculture for deep cellular nourishment. 


This transformation is lead by four Regenerative Detoxification Specialists including myself! We share our passion for regenerative health with you because this information has impacted our lives so greatly.

We offer live weekly Q&A zooms to answer any questions you may have. We want to see people thriving vs. surviving. The transformations are held in a group setting because we heal best in community.



The 30 day transformation includes two superfood meals a day. The cost breaks down to $10.50/day.

This program greatly reduces my grocery bill due to its nutritional quality. Sugars, stimulants, and processed foods begin to fall away naturally.


This program is designed to support; deep cellular nourishment, a healthy immune function, increased energy levels, mental clarity, strength, weight loss or weight gain by focusing on absorption and by supporting hormonal balance (15).

We work with whole food nutrition from the highest quality. All of the ingredients are raw, sprouted, and wind dehydrated at 88 degrees F (16).

This preserves the food’s enzymatic and nutritional value (16).

We work on strengthening, cleansing, alkalizing, and detoxing glyphosate (more info on this below) out of the body which is necessary for gut microbiome health and for cellular communication (14).

We customize this experience to fit your individual needs.


First off, there are no calorie restrictions! You can eat as much as you need to fulfill your energy outputs. We encourage incorporating as many fresh, organic, and seasonal fruits and veggies into your lifestyle as possible to get the best results.

We have wonderful recipe books and snack ideas in our private transformation group! The superfoods cover two meals a day. You’ll want to cover one meal a day plus snacks as needed.

Fruit Smoothie body transformation


  1. You’ll wake up and start your day with lemon water and 5 plant based amino acid tablets. These tablets are from whole foods and are predigested for easy assimilation. They have a net nitrogen utilization of 99%.


    Most of the proteins we eat on a daily basis, whether plant based or animal based, have an NNU of 11%-32% (4). This means our kidneys have to eliminate 89%-62% of the waste from non-utilized protein.


    This places a huge burden on our kidneys and on our liver. As you will learn in our course; kidney filtration is the golden key to cellular regeneration and is how I was able to get out of chronic pain.


  2. When you get hungry you’ll have your sprouted shake. It’s delicious and smooth. My nephews LOVE them!


    These shakes help us to balance our hormones, and produce healthy levels of of adiponectin so you can find your best weight (5). Just add 2-5tbs of the powder to water, depending on how hungry you are. I also recommend starting the day with fresh fruits to hydrate and alkalize your body.


  3. With your shake you’ll take your Biome medic. This is our gut microbiome repair. 70% of our immune function is in our gut. 90% of our happy hormone, serotonin, is produced in our gut (6).


    Biomedic removes 75% of glyphosate and 74% of c-reactive protein (inflammation) from the body (7). It remineralizes and restores our gut microbiome diversity and supports nutrient absorption. This is safe for pregnant and nursing mamas (8). You’ll have your aminos, shake and your biomedic 2x/day. I recommend starting with 2 capsules of biome medic/day.


  4. In the evening time before bed, you’ll have your tart cherry juice concentrate. This supports kidney filtration as well as resets our circadian rhythms and supports REM sleep which is important for memory, mood and learning (9). I love mine in a wine glass at night or with warm water as tea. The recommended dose is 1-2 tbs/serving.


  5. In the first ten days you will ease into your transformation by incorporating the superfoods and begin cleaning up your diet from processed foods, sugars and stimulants. In the middle ten days we recommend cleaning your diet up even more by incorporating a plant based lifestyle with as many fresh whole fruits and veggies as possible.


    During this ten days we'll add in our parasite cleanse (not recommended for pregnant or nursing mamas, save for a later date or share with your partner). This is important for cleaning up our internal terrain and for supporting emotional well being and nutrient absorption (17).

    The final ten days we will ease back out or transition deeper depending on your goals. We have intermittent fasting and regenerative protocols to deepen your experience as well as athlete protocols.


To order your transformation kit, this this direct link or use my code myssangie to get a 25% discount from ishoppurium.com. If someone sent you this link other than me, please contact them for their personal discount code.


Yoga, meditation, breath work, emotional transformation, hormonal balance, workouts, intermittent fasting options, regenerative health practices, support and guidance are included in this experience.


Glyphosate is the main ingredient in roundup. It’s an antibiotic that kills the the micro fungi and bacteria in the soil which are responsible for breaking down the nutrients in the soil for plants and humans to absorb.

Glyphosate, blocks the absorption of our essential amino acids (10). Amino acids are the building blocks to life. We are seeing a rapid degeneration in cellular integrity in the United States.

In the 1970’s one in 5,000 children had autism. Today, 1 in 36 children do. One out of every two people will experience cancer at some point in their life. In the 1990’s we saw an explosion of autoimmune and neurodegenerative disorders such as parkinson’s, alzheimer’s and MS. We live in an overfed and undernourished population where one in three people are obese (11).

The rise in these epidemics correlates to the history and the use of glyphosate in our environment and how it impacts our biology (12).

Glyphosate is in 75% of our air and our drinking water. It is a water soluble toxin. 70% of our Earth and 70% of our bodies are made up of water. Glyphosate acts as an antibiotic which not only kills soil health and ecosystems, but it destroys our microbiome. The microbiome communicates to the mitochondria in our cells. When this communication pathway is destroyed we end up with isolated and damaged cells which repopulate in the same growth pattern as cancer (13).

It’s time to deal with this social, economic, and health crisis by restoring our ecosystems and by getting back to regenerative farming and food practices.

+ To learn more about glyphosate, checkout the works of Dr. Zach Bush and his youtube with Rich Roll about Gut health, GMOs and Glyphosate.


To get glyphosate out of your communities and to share awareness about this subject visit:

Nontoxic neighborhoods

Farmers Footprint


To join us in our mission to create a healthier and more empowered planet reach out to us and we’ll share more information with you!

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