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Thanks for visiting my page! I would love to work with you. I highly recommend personal training packages to save you money and to see effective results. I also have guest appearances around town and special workshops along with teaching Pole 5 session courses at Expertease Fitness in Minneapolis, MN 

ONE-ON-ONE and/or SEMI-PRIVATE lessons 

Take your training to the next level with Myss Angie. Each session will include personalized goal setting, curriculum, specific attention to your needs, and MORE!
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Upcoming Workshops:

8-Week Pole 5 Session 

at ExperTease Fitness 

Each session gives you 3 hours of fitness and pole training per week*

** Tues and Thurs 7:00p-8:30p (1.5 hour classes) each week for 8 weeks with an option to showcase on the Minnsky Theater stage at the end.

Check it out if you’re ready for the advanced level Pole 5. If you’re not sure email or PM Myss Angie and we will set up your level test!


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8-Week Performance and Competition Prep Series

Have you been considering doing a solo or double routine but not sure where to start? Or, you are just looking to polish your current skills and connect with other peformers?

Get yourself stage-ready in the NEW comprehensive 8-week series with Myss Angie and special guest instructors that will enhance your performance prowess. Coming Sundays during the next Exfit session, May 20th-July 15th. Star in the showcase, July 19th!

This session will also talk about and prepare you for pole Competitions such as the Minnesota Pole Competitions and the Central Pole Championships.

 *Students are not required to perform or compete, but each will gain the tools to feel confident to do so if they choose.

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1620 Central Ave NE Minneapolis. Suite # 152


PHONE: CALL 612-524-8476 
Hotline Hours:  Mon-Thurs 10am-4pm



Twin Cities Minneapolis Pole Dance Studios: Expertease Fitness, Knockout Bodies, The Rabbit Hole, & The Minnesota Performing Art Cooperative.