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2018 Winners:

Women's Professional

2018 MN Pole Star Championship

1st Place: Harper

2nd Place: Shay Williamson

3rd Place: Leah Franklin

Best Costume: Harper


Amateur Divisions:



Artistic Dance

1st Place: Brielle

2nd Place: Brandi Larine

3rd Place: Lynn Stankowski

Best Costume: Brielle


Classic Exotic

1st Place: Riley Vixen

2nd Place: Chelsea Snaps

Best Costume: Chelsea Snaps


Performance Theater

1st Place: Claire Moon

2nd Place: Leah 

3rd Place: Gina Bushey

Best Costume: Gina Bushey

Pole Sport

1st Place: Sierin

2nd Place: Amy

3rd Place: Chandler Rae

Best Costume: Cynthia Buel



Artistic Dance
1st Place: Betty Ann
2nd Place: Paige
3rd Place: Ella Devon

Best Costume: Ella Devon


Classic Exotic
1st Place: Shannen Woodrey
2nd Place: Maggie
3rd Place: Brittany

Best Costume: Maggie


Performance Theater
1st Place: Aria Forte
2nd Place: Molly K
3rd Place: Dajuan Kinney
Best Costume: Dajuan Kinney

Pole Sport
1st Place: Alyssa Manning
2nd Place: Margot Leigh
3rd Place: Faith Kimbler
Best Costume: Alyssa Manning


1st Place: Jean Luc Dicard

Best Costume: Alessio Amante



Artistic Dance

1st Place: Tria

2nd Place: Samantha Paul

3rd Place: Katie Rice

Best Costume: Katie Rice

Classic Exotic

1st Place: Krista
2nd Place: Kylee

3rd Place: Cristin Atoms
Best Costume: Kylee


Performance Theater

1st Place: Maowli Cat

2nd Place: Nay Nay Bouchee

3rd Place: Julie Crist

Best Costume: Nay Nay Bouchee


Pole Sport

1st Place: Kelly Brummond  
2nd Place:Patty Lane
Best Costume: Patti Lane


​Bemo & Mobe


​Artistic Dance:

1st Place: Gwen
2nd Place: Sheena Lee
3rd Place: Taylor Kay
Best Costume: Gwen

*Special thank you to our Youth division exhibitionist: Sophia!


2017 Division Winners:


Women's Professional

2017 MN Pole Star Championship Winners:
1st Place: Anna Alvarez
2nd Place: Jordan Mazur
3rd Place: Wren Muggelston


Men's Elite

1st Place: Matt Davis (Minneapolis, MN)


Women's Elite

1st Place: Chelle Violet (Minneapolis, MN)
2nd Place: Chandler Rae (Columbia, MO)
3rd Place (tie): Jill Olig (Madison, WI)
3rd Place (tie): Nicole Futch (Columbia, MO)


Women's Advanced

1st Place: Claire Moon (Madison, WI)
2nd Place: Gina Bushey (Fargo, ND)
3rd Place: Miss J (Des Moines, IA)


Women's Intermediate

1st Place: Alyssa Manning (Fargo, ND)
2nd Place: Dajuan (Ankeney, IA)
3rd Place: Tina Hoff (Fargo, ND)


Women's Novice

1st Place: Maggie Z (Fargo, ND)
2nd Place: Sandra Sterling (Minneapolis, MN)
3rd Place: Katie Rice (Madison, WI)


2016 Division Winners:


Women's Elite

1st  Abbey Freundschuh - Minneapolis, MN

2nd Anna Clearman Alvarez - Saint Paul, MN

3rd Kirstie Ellerbe - Weldon Spring, MO


Men's Elite

1st Jean Luc Dicard - Minneapolis, MN

2nd The Real Matt Davis - Minneapolis, MN

3rd Flex - Minneapolis, MN


Women's Advanced

1st Tiramisu - Saint Louis, MO

2nd Jennifer Scholl - Saint Louis, MO

3rd Tessa Cardenas - Chicago, IL


Women's Intermediate

1st Betty - Mankato, MN

2nd Ava Koval - Madison, WI

3rd Bri L - Des Moines, IA


Women's Novice

1st Maria Talian - Fargo, ND

2nd Erin Meskill - Saint Louis, MO

3rd Charisma Blue - Minneapolis, MN


Doubles Novice

Amanda Kay Bahr & Amanda Keller - Minneapolis, MN