Myss Angie

Welcome! I’m Myss Angie, and I believe in empowering women, strengthening the artistic community, and bringing pole dance and the performance arts to new platforms. 

As a one-on-one coach and the founder of Pole and Performing Art and The Polefit Method, I aim to provide you with the resources and support you need to grow as an artist and an athlete. I have already enabled thousands of students to exceed their imagined limitations. 

Pole dance provides so many health and physical benefits. Beyond this, it’s a medium through which we can deepen our connections with our inner voices, our outer bodies, and each other. 

I add more than a decade of experience teaching pole dance to an extensive career as a nutrition coach, a fitness trainer, and a mental health counselor. In the past five years, I’ve also originated and organized major events such as the Land of Lakes Pole Dance Festival, the Minnesota Pole Competitions, and The Cirque du Pole Show. 

As a performer myself, I am particularly proud of my first-place win (2017) with Dakota Wolfe and the third place win (2018) with Cheryl Birch in the Doubles category at the PSO Central Pole Championships.

Healthy comes in all sizes, beauty in all shapes. Both start within, radiating outwards into our bodies and our relationships. I’m thrilled that your journey has brought you here! Let’s work together to realize our potential as the beautiful and powerful goddesses that we are.



Fitness Certifications and Degrees
AFAA Group Exercise Instructor 2020
Vertical Mobility Instructor 2019
Pilates for Rehabilitation Mat 1 2019
Barre Pole Fitness Instructor 2017
​Polates Pole Fitness Instructor 2016
Nutrition & Dietetics Degree University of Minnesota 2014
Aerialates Fitness Instructor 2014
500-hr Yoga Alliance Instructor 2010
AFAA Group Exercise Instructor 2006 
Saint Cloud State Aerobics Instructor 2004
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