Workshops at The Land of Lakes Pole Dance Festival


~ Midpointe Event Center // 415 Pascal St., Saint Paul, MN 55104

>Beginner workshops are INCLUDED in your Weekend Warrior, Saturday Slay, or Friday Fury pass (limited space available, no extra cost to register for pass holders, must register to attend): 

Beginner Workshops & Seminars Included in passes:



Make Sex Great Again

In this interactive workshop, attendees will be asked to discuss and share (if comfortable) their impressions of sexuality and how to encourage and adapt a more sex positive mindset. Objective(s): At the end of this workshop, attendees will be able to: discuss the multifaceted history and encoded messages of the “sex is bad/dirty/shameful” narrative and shift to an empowering sex positive narrative

Courtney Padjen is a certified clinical sexologist, kink-aware professional and pole fitness instructor. She is in the process of completing a doctorate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Argosy University-Twin Cities and working on her research titled Practical and Applicable Information from BDSM. Practitioners to Mental Health Professionals: This is What We Want You to Know

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Stilletos Dance 

Join the queens of Stilettos Dance, Melissa & Chloe from MajorBody Fitness with their sampling of their "Champagne, Strawberries, & Stilettos" hit workout on the MainStage!

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Melissa Levingston Stiletto Dance Major Body Fitness



Sexy Pole 101

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 presented by Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio and Emily Elise




Intro to Pole Dance


Goddess Movement w Koreen & Open Minds Studio

Grounding Performance Preparation and flexibility
"Blessed are the flexible. for they shall never be bent out of shape," is a common quote used Koreen Valdovinos, body and mind flexibility expert, owner of Open MInds Fusion Studio, yogini, teacher and teacher-lead of the Earth Goddess movement.
When you allow yourself to be turned on and tuned in, your brightest light will shine. When you are grounded your fears fade into a power you can harness, on the stage, in front of a crowd or performing a difficult task for your own betterment.
Learn tantric, sensual, and yogic techniques for grounding that also doubles as not only a mental warm up, but a physical warm up to add fluidity and grace into your performances and everyday life. Empowerment, Goddess energy, flow! Let's own the power of our own sensuality and beauty, by way of movement, yoga movement, flexibility and self-love.

Basic Pole Dance

Must have Saturday Slayer or Weekend Warrior Pass to register

presented by Expertease Fitness and Minnie of Trix

Mobility Seminar: Massage Ball Release

Principles and Practice for Pole & Aerial Artists with Dr. Misty!

Mobility is Medicine!  Get a glimpse of how to apply the latest research in fascia and mobility with massage ball release techniques.  Empower yourself with education & self-care techniques to stay healthy and active for a lifetime.  Reduce the effects of accumulated tension caused by pole & aerial training, decreasing the risk of repetitive stress injuries, increasing your muscle mobility & responsiveness for peak performance.  Walk away with practical knowledge and hands-on experience for pre- and post-workout release techniques.  Instructors, students, and performers will benefit from and enjoy this course.

Pole art athletics dr. misty


Pole Star Workshops $75

Registrations open NOW! Limited space allows maximum instruction! 

(Not included in passes, must purchase separately. All 75-min Pole Star workshops are $75 each)

Friday, January 18, 2019:

Friday 4:00p-5:15p

Soul Seduction 

with Michelle Mynx

Learn how to create a connection and captivate your audience through
eye contact.

Whether you're performing for an entire room or one on one, this class will give you the tools and the confidence you need to go beyond eye f*cking into absolute soul seduction.
This IS a movement based class, so layers of active wear, socks, and knee pads are suggested. Heels are welcome but not required.

Jordan Mazur Minnesota Pole Competitions Alyssa Kristine Photography

Friday 5:20p-6:35p

Low Rider

>Work the base of the pole. This workshop will focus on basework in heels with movement that can make you feel both powerful and sexy. Clack, glide, slide, and drop it low. You will learn seamless movement to dominate the lower portion of the pole. Open to all levels. 

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Saturday, January 20, 2019:

Phoenix Kazree LOLPoleFest

Saturday 8:30a-9:45a

Get Your Flexy On

with Phoenix Kazree 

> Learn techniques to incorporate into your existing flexibility routine. Including new ways to stretch, what you should be stretching, correct alignment while stretching, and ways to incorporate your flexibility into your pole and floor work. Open to all levels.

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Sunday, January 20, 2019:


Jordan Mazur LOLPoleFest

Sunday 9:30a-10:45a 

Advanced Trickster

with Jordan Mazur 

>You want it? You got it. Intricate transitions, weird flippy things, and finding the off switch for gravity. This workshop will take some of Jordan’s favorite tricks and string them together in interesting combos. Participants should be at an advanced level. 

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Phoenix Kazree LOLPoleFest

Sunday 11:00a-12:15p

Fly Girl

with Phoenix Kazree

Despite the title of this workshop, it is great for both women and men. Get a good grip and fly around the pole with fun and dynamic flying spin combinations. This workshop will take you around, around, and upside down. Let's go beast mode on that static pole and go hard on spin.

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Sunday 12:30p-1:45p

Transcending Transitions

with Michelle Mynx

Learn to float, twirl, and dance through your sequences in this 75-min workshop with pole star, Michelle Mynx! This class is great for everyone from those just getting comfortable doing inverted tricks to the more advanced who are looking for creative ways to flow and twirl through your existing combos and beyond.

Looking for more focus on static flow transitions? Feeling great about the repertoire of moves you are building but not so great about getting from one to another?

Or are you just getting comfortable with inversions but stuck when it comes to flowing them together? You will learn to find the formula to string your
personal favorite tricks and combos together with continued movement
and grace and with the least amount of hand traffic and adjusting


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phoenix Kazree pole dance workshop lol pole fest

Sunday 2:00p-3:15p

 Phoenix Kazree Signature Workshop

Signature Tricks, Transitions and Combos (int-adv)

Is "Titanic" on your list of pole moves to accomplish? Phoenix Kazree's

Signature Tricks and Transitions is where you will learn all four versions of

it. Along with floor to pole transitions, more signature tricks, creative ways

to enter and exit classic tricks, and so much more.

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About your pole stars:

Phoenix Kazree at the Land of Lakes Pole Dance Festival
Phoenix Kazree
Phoenix Kazree is native of Los Angeles, CA.  She is a former gymnast and is trained in classical, contemporary and ethnic dance styles. Her dance training includes the Alvin Ailey American Dance School, Joffrey Ballet, The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, and 2 years on scholarship with Bella Lewitzky. Phoenix has been dancing professionally and teaching dance since graduating high school. She traveled the Americas with the touring company of a hit Broadway show for 13 years.
Her latest accomplishments are earning the title of Female Elite Champion of Pole Art Italy 2015 and Vice Champion of the female professional division of the Pan American Pole Championships 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Phoenix was also 1st Runner Up at 2014 Pole Stars Championship in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is the 2011 California Pole Dance Champion, and the 2nd place winner of the 2011 and 2012 American Pole Fitness Championships.
She was a finalist in the 2011 and 2013 Pole Art Competition in Helsinki, Finland and she placed 4th in Pole Art 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden. Phoenix was also a finalist in the 2014 Pole World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Phoenix was awarded for "Best Show" at Aerial Pole International Competition 2012 in Bern, Switzerland. She also earned the award for "Pole Athlete of the Year" at the APFC 2011 and La Pole Battle Montreal 2011.
Jordan Mazur at the Land of Lakes Pole Dance Festival
Jordan Mazur

Jordan is the owner of Muse Pole Fitness in Colum-bia, MO. She earned her B.S. in Dance through the Indiana University School of Kinesiology, and danced professionally with Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre in 2011 and the Missouri Contempo-rary Ballet from 2011-2015. Jordan discovered pole in 2009.

After moving to mid-Missouri and finding no pole studios, she started Muse Pole Fitness in 2012. Since then, Jordan has competed and performed in many pole shows and competitions throughout the country, and has won over a dozen professional titles.

Jordan loves integrating her experiences from her classical dance career into her pole vocabulary to share her knowledge with her pole students. In 2016 Jordan also created Vertical Desires, a semi-annual professional pole show based out of Colum-bia, MO that integrates pole performance with a concert dance setting and features many national pole headliners. 

Michelle Mynx pole dance
Michelle Mynx
A pioneer of the modern pole world, Michelle Mynx started Pole Dancing before the turn of the century! She has since performed in hundreds of shows both as half of the critically acclaimed Polesque duo Gravity Plays Favorites and as a solo artist. As a teacher of this beloved art form she opened the Mynx Academy of Pole Dance in 2010. As an advocate for victims and survivors of sexual assault and a desire to share and celebrate the true diversity within the pole dance community, she started producing the Mynx Extravaganza in 2008, the longest running charity showcase in the history of the world, benefiting the Sexual Assault Victim's Unit of Call for Help, inc. 
Workshops Location:
Midpointe Event Center

415 Pascal Street North / St. Paul, MN 55104