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Pole Art Performance Team Season: DEBUT

 September 19, 2022 – Dec 19, 2022



Pole Art Company is a promotions, events, and entertainment company that organizes aerial, performing art, & circus shows, as well as competitions, festivals, and dance conventions in the community. Pole Art Company prides itself on our tri-angled mission: 1. Increasing public awareness of the accessibility, artistry, and athleticism involved in pole dance and the performing arts.

2. Supporting the entire pole dance and performing art community including performers, students, studios, trainers, instructors, nutritionists, local businesses, event production companies, photographers, and videographers. 3. Providing an opportunity for ongoing exploration of the definition of beauty, strength, and professionalism for the performing arts.


After many years, many shows, and a globally upheaving pandemic, Pole Art Company is excited to debut the Pole Art Performance Team, starting September 2022. The purpose of the team is to create a space for pole performers in the Twin Cities to build community, train consistently, and showcase their passion for pole on a recurring, regular basis. The team is available for all levels, all genders, and all people passionate about cultivating a space designed to empower all things pole. In its debut season, we are excited about developing and training together to fulfil what we have noticed as an unmet need in our community.


Studio & Franchise Owner: Myss Angie (she/her)

Myss Angie believes in empowering artists, strengthening the artistic community, and bringing pole dance and the performance arts to new platforms. As a one-on-one coach and the founder of Pole Art Company, she aims to provide resources and support enabling all to grow as artists, and as athletes. She has more than a decade of experience teaching pole dance and has worked with thousands of students to exceed their imagined limitations. Additionally, Myss Angie has also has an extensive career as a nutrition coach, a fitness trainer, and a mental health counselor. She organizes major events in Minnesota such as the Land of Lakes Pole Dance Festival, the Minnesota Pole Competitions, and The Cirque du Pole Show. As a performer, she is particularly proud of her first-place win (2017) with Dakota Wolfe and her third-place win (2018) with Cheryl Birch in the Doubles category at the PSO Central Pole Championships.

Pole Art Performance Team : Jenni (she/her)

Jenni has spent most of her life on stage, starting in dance and gymnastics classes at a young age. She moved on to cheerleading in middle school where she continued through high school and college, working at Universal Cheerleader’s Association, and coaching in Quito, Ecuador. In 2016, she began pole dancing in Edinburgh Scotland, and continued training in studios across Minnesota, Washington, Vancouver, and DC. Today, Jenni is also an active member of the MN Latin Dance Community, having danced for teams such as Evolución Latina and currently the Yirií Ladies Fusion Team. Jenni believes in the power of community, cultivating human connections through the vulnerability of dance, and creating spaces aimed at empowering all people to embrace self-love and express the depths of their own stories.



Intentions & Reflections: The first practice of every season will begin with personal intention/goal setting for the season ahead. This is a space designed to allow each member to develop their own specific goals and plans for what they hope to work towards in the upcoming season. The last practice of every season will be dedicated towards reflections and celebrations of these goals and intentions, creating space to connect emotionally with the physical work of the season.

Weekly Team Practices: The team trains together every week on Mondays from 6-8PM at Pole Art Studio in Minneapolis for the duration of the current training session. In its debut season, Pole Art Performance Team will begin practice on Monday September 19, and the final practice of the session will be Monday December 19. Practice is structured in a 4-part sequence: 1. Warm Up/Conditioning (30 mins), 2. Training (45 mins), 3. Choreography (30 mins), 4. Cool Down/Stretching (15 mins).

Training - A Weeks/B Weeks: During the training portion of practice, we will be using an A Week/B Week Schedule, where A Weeks are dedicated to Performing & Artistry concepts, whereas B Weeks are dedicated to building Technical Knowledge & Pole Dance Skills. This schedule was designed to encapsulate many different aspects of building performance acts and will continue to develop and grow to cater to member needs each year. The full schedule attached details what concepts we will be covering each week of the season.

Choreography: Each season, team members will have the opportunity to build their own choreographed pieces, and/or participate in the group choreography(ies) being presented during practice. Group choreographies are designed for up to 4 people to participate in the same act and are built to provide options to those who enjoy performing but may not feel that choregraphing their own piece is currently in their goal-set.

Open Pole Hours: In addition to weekly team practices, each team member is credited 6 hours of open pole practice to spend each month. Open pole practice can be used at any time & any day the studio is not at full capacity and can be booked through the Pole Art Studio App (Acuity). Whether you choose to use these sessions by yourself or choose to pair up with other team members to work on things together, the choice is up to you to allocate your hours each month.

Note1: Hours do not roll from month to month, all 6 hours must be used per each calendar month, or they will be lost. Additional hours available for purchase per month.

Note2: If you choose to use the studio with other people outside of the team during your studio hours, they are required to purchase a $10 guest pass per hour.

Attire: Pole Art Performance Team does not require any specific dress code during weekly practices and encourages members to dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable and able to participate fully in practice activities. This often features (but is not limited to) items such as sports bras, booty shorts, swimsuits, pole wear, and knee pads. Members may pole barefoot or with heels, there is no expectation either way for being on the team. We do ask members to remain in accordance with MN State Statute 617.292 Section 3 by covering genitals or pubic areas at all times.


Once per month, Pole Art Co hosts open pole jams for performing artists to attend, play around, and jam together. Pole Jams are included in the cost of monthly team membership and are highly encouraged for members to attend. These Pole Jams are open to the greater community for $10 admittance and are a great opportunity to bring a friend who may have interest in learning more about our space or our team! During its debut season, all Pole Jams will take place in Pole Art Studio in Minneapolis, and future seasons will likely feature rotating venue pole jams, with opportunities to pole at an assortment of both inside and outside venues around the Twin Cities.


Pole Art Company puts on one public show at the culmination of every season to highlight the hard work and skills members have built and dedicated over their past months of training. All active team members are guaranteed a performance opportunity in this show. Beyond the guaranteed one season-culminating show, Pole Art Co partners with other organizations & events to periodically provide additional performance opportunities throughout the season. These include community-based shows, festival opportunities, and other pop-up performances.

Ready to be part of the team? Scan QR code or click the image to register!


Myss Angie: 651-347-0412 / [email protected] / FB Messenger Myss Angie

Jenni: 612-708-0569 / [email protected] / @jenniwithatwist [IG]