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Pole Basics for Full Figures w Stacey Ann

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Dangerous Curves Ahead!  Learn the basics of pole dance in a way that is grounded and adapted to a more full-figured shape. 

Working with your own center of gravity and anatomy, each student will start with the foundations of dance and spin work, with an option for targeted help on modification if there are pole skills already onboard. Wear what you are comfortable moving in! 

Pole coaches who want to learn more about adapting to curvier students are welcomed too!

*This 30-min Workshop is included with a Saturday Slayer Day Pass or the Weekend Warrior Pass. Don't have your pass yet? Get yours HERE!


Park Square Theatre - Boss Thrust Stage

Saturday, January 18, 2020

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm 


About Stacey Ann

Stacey Ann has been a member of the Pole community since 2013, when she began classes in Fargo, ND.  She completed her instructor training and began teaching in 2015. She completed her Pound Pro certification in 2018, and is currently an independent movement coach at FM Aerial in Fargo, ND.

With a background in classical ballet, Luigi Jazz, and lyrical, she has danced from the age of 3 all through high school, performing with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Gasper’s School of Dance, Red River Dance, and the FM Civic Opera. 

Through her own journey, she has battled extreme weight gain and loss, as well as injury and sports medicine rehab. By combining her dance background with personal experience, she is able to customize movement and modification for every body, and help you work your body the way your body works. 

In her own words: “Some days are easier than others, but I know that one of the reasons that I CAN, is because of the students and teachers that have been there for me. I would encourage each and every person, no matter your shape, size, color, or flavor, to take the first step in embracing yourself. BE BRAVE! You can do it, and we’ll help you every step of the way.” 

Stacey Ann is ACE and AFFA certified, and holds a First Responder certification, in addition to holding an A.A.S. in Practical Nursing from MState. She is also POUND Certified.