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REV: Crash Course Edition: HEEL CONTROL - 90min

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This new 90-min crash course for REV: Heel Drive edition (normally an 8hr course) is being offered for the first time at LOL Pole Fest by Rachele Ribera!

Sunday, January 19th @1:30 pm - 3:00 pm 

Park Square Theatre ~ Saint Paul, MN 

Engagement, weight transference/distribution, heel-drives, floor connections, and rotations are all fundamental to heelwork. We will be honing in on range, control, and articulation. All of this aids us in achieving max control through the box, and ties together the fundamentals listed above.

If you are curious how to go about conditioning for the extra height of the box, making the jump up an inch, expanding your heel pattern options, or finding/increasing access to the edges, this is for you.


Become the driver, not the passenger of your heels!

*Last year REV was introduced as the first part in The Heel Drive Program. You can find more information on the full program at heeldrive.com.


 ALL LEVELS WELCOME. Box covers prohibited. Heel height of 8 inch plus recommended.


*Must have a day or weekend pass to enter the Land of Lakes Pole Dance Festival. Don't have one yet? Get yours HERE!


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About Rachele Ribera:

"Heelwork for pole is my passion.

I started pole dancing in 2011, and started traveling in 2014, teaching the thing I became obsessed with refining the most, heels. I recognized a lack of educational material, and existing techniques, geared toward not only training the strength necessary to dance in them, but softening transitions and creating more fluid movement with them. I created the material to fill this gap after years of studying, breaking down, and adapting my personal technique to meet this goal."