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Sexy Pole Dance 101

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Friday, January 18, 2019


Sexy Pole Dance 101

New to heels? New to sexy? New to pole? Don't be shy; we love beginners!
Learn the in's and out's of how to strut your stuff in heels with encouraging classmates of a similar level. SEXY POLE 101 is a great way to dip your stilettos into pole dancing, and will arm you with some fun spins, floorwork, pirouettes, and around-the-pole skill sequences. Class winds down with a short, guided freedance to help you develop your own style, and build endurance & fluidity.


PRE-REQ: None. This class is perfect for both the complete beginner AND any pole dancer looking to learn the basics of dancing in heels.

WHAT TO WEAR: Heels. Legwarmers, long socks, or knee pads may be used for floorwork. 

presented by Dollhouse Pole Dance Studio

*Must have either a Weekend Warrior or Friday Fury ticket to register, no cost to register!

@Land of Lakes Pole Dance Festival // Midpointe Event Center // 415 Pascal St., Saint Paul, MN 55104